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Behind The Lens

​"The pain, in my eyes, is actually what molded my creativity. It's been the
fuel to the fire, so to speak - what's kept me going...what's kept me alive.
Art, of all forms, is in entirety, my life force."

Salvation Photography is the creation of Kelsie Victoria Lackey, an Atlanta-based Photographer, Master Cosmetologist, dancer, published poet, musician, and fine artist as well. Photography, over time, has become her utmost passion above the rest. All of the fields have fused into one and created a "Wonderland" of sorts that she finds herself in daily. A plethora of knowledge and ideas that she can pull from at any given time and just create...


"Art, of all forms, has become in entirety, the oxygen which fills my lungs. It was my outlet throughout the years. It has always been the avenue that I have reached out to in order to vent, to breathe, to live, to survive. My utmost goal is that that is the viewer can take from my work. If I can save at least one life, then that is success in my eyes. I believe art saved my life quite a few times, so I can only hope but to do the same."


Image Credit: Anderson Smith Photography

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