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  • What is your philosophy on photography and how would you describe your photography style?
    Art in general is a healing tool for me. Always has been and always will be. The Buttermoth logo actually stems from being able to fuse both our darkness and our light together to create something of a hybrid unique being. That essence is what I bring to my work and what drives me as an artist and creative storyteller. I search for the emotions and THAT is when I snap the photo. My images are inspired by a lot of my own personal experiences, thoughts, emotions, and the like, but also inspired by various other outlets like historical paintings, eras, films, poetry, or just a funky idea or collaborative project that comes to me in that moment that I just need to bring to fruition, but there will always be some form of symbolism or deeper meaning behind my pieces. With that said, I also like to not necessarily give the whole story away behind a piece, because the mystery and the different perspectives of each viewer also inspires me. What might mean something to me, may have an entirely different meaning or story to you and that is one of the things I love about art as a whole. It may be a peek into my world, but I am bringing you with me on the journey so you can see your own story through it. My process typically starts with sketches and a mood board to ensure that everyone involved sees the same thing artistically, or at least can be inspired by it to give their own twist to it. I love when my shoots aren’t always just MY creation, but where I can also be a conduit to bring it all together to create a finished masterpiece. This gives more opportunities for anyone and everyone to see their own visions come to life as well in a collaborative process more than just me telling someone what I want or what I visualize. I also think it is extremely valuable to hear various perspectives and critiques during the process because it can only aid in the growth and final production of the artwork and can be something that everyone is proud of and a forever one-of-a-kind and original piece of art. These aspects apply to all the genres I work in as well. Whether it’s a wedding, or a fine art portrait, I am still seeking the emotional grab of that moment. This doesn’t always have to mean something dark and moody (which is typically how my style is described), but it can be something soft and airy, romantic, whimsical, dreamy, etc. Sometimes the emotions are just surrounded around that moment in time, and that is still powerful in itself.
  • Do I get the rights to my images?
    Yes. Once the edits are completed, I will send them directly to you for download from an online gallery to be able to print or post as you wish! If you feel like being extra amazing, I will always appreciate a credit back to me!
  • How does payment work?
    Once you have approved your estimate, I will convert it to an invoice and you can pay securely by clicking directly on the invoice. From there you can pay your 50% non-refundable deposit. I also offer a payment plan for the remaining balance if needed. The full amount must be paid off by the date of your shoot.
  • Do you travel or do destination weddings?
    Yes! I am more than happy to travel for a wedding! However, there may be an additional travel expenses fee depending on the location.
  • How long do photos typically take?
    Depending on your shoot, I like to estimate around max 8-12 weeks for post-processing. However, I will always let you know if, for some catastrophic reason, I do not feel I can reach that deadline, but typically it will take me less time than that.
  • How many photos can I expect?
    This is dependent on the type of shoot you are looking for and is broken down more in my packages. Specifically for weddings and events, the client can expect to receive all of the edited images because from my own personal experiences, I believe every moment is something to be treasured and I wouldn’t want to limit those memories to an exact count because of that. I would want every photo from my wedding, so I offer that to my clients as well.
  • What if I need to reschedule?
    I offer 3 reschedules without charge. Upon the third reschedule, an additional deposit will need to be given to reserve another date.
  • Do you instruct for posing?
    Yes! I believe everyone has the potential to be a model and just needs someone to help bring out the best parts of themselves and help them shine! I do like to use inspirational images though prior to the shoot as a reference and create a custom mood board for each of my packages. This is just helpful for all parties! I will typically see what feels natural to you first and then fine-tune and tweak from there versus just a standard “posed” look! In that way, it is more unique and original to your person.
  • Do you provide hair, makeup, wardrobe, or props services?"
    I have a fantastic team of folks that I call upon for these services. So if there is something you MUST HAVE for your shoot, I am able to include that in the pricing, subject to the individuals rates.
  • Do you shoot in a studio?
    I shoot both in studio and on location. So depending on what you want to achieve, a studio setting is always an option for an additional $85/hr rate.
  • How far in advance do I need to pre-book?
    I would say no later than 2 weeks in advance as a rule of thumb, but you can always reach out to me and ask me if I have a date available on short notice and if I can make it happen, I will!
  • Do you offer boudoir for different genders?
    Yes! I believe everyone needs a moment to shine and have a boost of confidence and self-love. There is absolutely no reason that anyone should be excluded from that experience.
  • Are you LGBTQ friendly?
    -Yes! Anyone and everyone is welcome to be in front of my lens. Just let me know your preferred pronouns or the best way to be respectful to you and your preferences, and I am happy to accommodate.
  • I am ready to book, how do I go about doing that and what is the process?"
    I am so excited to hear this! All you have to do is hit the “book now” button and it will automatically let me know that you’re interested. I will send you a welcome email with a brief questionnaire to complete to create your custom estimate and once that is approved we can jump into the fun part of the juicy planning stages!
  • How much retouching do you do on your images?
    This is dependent on the level that you desire! I offer separate rates for my more intense fine art style of editing, or if you just want light editing, I am able to achieve that as well.
  • Do you use a second shooter or an assistant?
    Yes. I will typically have a second shooter or an assistant and their rate is included in specific packages.
  • If a shoot runs late, can I ask you to stay longer?"
    Of course, if I am able to I will! An additional hourly rate may be applied.
  • Are you willing to shoot at multiple locations?
    Yes! In fact, many of my packages include multiple locations. The packages are also customizable and just a general guide on what I can offer. If you would prefer more edits over multiple locations, for example, that is something that can be done.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    I have a 50% non-refundable deposit policy. If you need to completely cancel versus rescheduling, a new deposit will need to be paid again to reserve your date.
  • Do you offer videography services?
    Yes! My assistant captures video services for me and we are happy to provide this as an add on!
  • Do you offer print services?
    I offer two options for this. You can either print yourself from the downloadable images, or I can create custom print packages for you. I use MillersLab for my printing services and they have beautiful products. However, photography specific printing services are on the higher end of a budget, so just bear that in mind and that is also why it is not included in my packages, but I do offer print credits towards a print order in specific packages or as an a la carte add on.
  • Do you offer any discounts or a payment plan?
    I offer both new client and referral discounts. For every referral you send me, you will get $50 off your service as a thank you and they will receive $50 off for being a new client! We can discuss a payment plan, but the full amount will need to be paid off by the shoot date.
  • Do you have any references or reviews?
    Yes! I am currently working on getting these for my website and can forward along when I do!
  • What about covid?
    Ah yes, the elephant in the room. I am currently vaccinated and still wear a mask everywhere I go just because I’m paranoid about catching or spreading anything! So I am of the mindset that it doesn’t hurt to be extra careful, but in front of the camera, you are not required to wear one. That is your personal choice and that is why I accommodate by wearing one myself.
  • Can I bring a friend?
    Of course! I actually think friends make great assistants because they know YOU and what might look best on you or if there are things you don’t like. I think it’s great to have a friend who can be a second set of eyes and also cheer you on!
  • Do you mentor or do editing lessons?
    Yes! Just email me directly and we can chat about it!
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