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The Salvation Experiment

The Salvation Experiment is going to be a continous project that is very near and dear to me. There are so many people who have endured trauma during their lifetimes and often feel that there is no avenue in which they can share their story without any fear or hesitation. This project is essentially meant to be an avenue in which anyone and everyone who is a survivor, whether it's from a mental, physical, or emotional trauma, can have a way to express themselves creatively even if they do not identify as an artist. The goal is to remind ourselves that we have survived and that everyone has a purpose in this life and deserves to be heard. I encourage anyone who has a story they wish to share to feel free to contact me and we can start brainstorming together on a way that we can transform it into a healing experience. There is an entire community of people out there full of support. The hope of this project is to bring everyone together to create something beautiful and memorable that might help others along their own journey.

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